I have a current DBS, Disclosure Barring Service (CRB), Public Liability Insurance and a Specialist dog unit to transport your pet.

Dog sitting

When you are away from the home you can be reassured that you are leaving your home and pet in safe hands.  Your dog will feel more comfortable in its own environment.  I can arrange two-three walks a day, or tailor walks to maintain your dog’s usual routine.

When your dog is out, you will have peace of mind that they are in safe hands.  When transporting your pets they will travel in an animal friendly vehicle. that will provide a stress free journey home.

Dog Walking

If you are looking for a friendly, trustworthy and an insured dog walking service in Birmingham, look no further then Birmingham K9 Company.

Dogs need to be stimulated physically and mentally every day and sometimes we are not able to walk them for whatever reason. (Work or social occasion). So whether you need your dog to be walked on a daily basis or just once, get in touch and we can talk about your needs and requirements.

I offer a free consultation in the comfort of your home where I can meet yourself and your canine family member.

30 minute walk- £8 (plus £4 for each additional dog from the same household)- Street Walk or Nearest Park on foot

60 minute walk- £12 (plus £6 for each additional dog from the same household)- The dog is transported to the nearest park and your dog will be out of the house for at least an hour)

If you would like your dog on a group walk or 1 to 1 walk this can be discussed during the consultation

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Pet Transportation

Do you ever find yourself having to get the bus, taxi or a long walk to the vets, the park or a friends house. Birmingham K9 company offers a transportation/taxi service for your convenience. Birmingham K9 Company is fully insured to take any animal and they can travel in comfort and peace in the specially designed K9 vehicle. Prices start from £5 + £1 a mile.

(Birmingham K9 Company ONLY charges for pets)












Pop In Visits

Having a dog is a big commitment and the RSPCA recommend that they are not left for more than 4 hours at a time and this can be difficult for a family who sometimes are away from the house for the majority of the day. So whilst you’re at work I can visit your dog twice during the day to provide company, have a toilet break and we can also play whilst I am there. For your peace of mind I will clean up any spillages or mess that has been deposited.

£7 for a half hour visit

Small Pet and Cat Visits

I also provide a service for small mammals (hamster, gerbil, chinchilla, degu, ferrets). Whether they need feeding, fresh water or change of bedding   I can provide this whilst you are away. I also change any bedding (dependent on temperament when handling) that may be required. I also provide the same service to cats. Whether you want me to pop in and provide them with company just so it breaks up the day for them.

So if you need someone to provide care for your reptile, mammal or bird get in touch and we can have a chat about your requirements.

I charge £8 p/h for this service and this is regardless the amount of animals that require my attention. This other service I can provide if you are going away on holiday is a bit of security for your house and give the impression that someone is their 24/7. I can turn lights on and off, open and close curtains, collect post and also water your plants. Get in touch if you would like to chat about this particular service.

Terms and Conditions

Birmingham K9 Company requires every new customer to agree to the terms and conditions below; Birmingham K9 Company will assume that the customer agrees to all the T&C’s unless notified otherwise.

The agreement between Birmingham K9 Company and the client will begin once the day has been agreed in principle over message and in person. Care will be provided to the customer on the days agreed between Birmingham K9 Company and the client.


  •  Birmingham K9 Company will perform the service in an attentive, reliable and caring manner using all skill and care.
  • Birmingham K9 Company will act in accordance to the instructions given to them by the client

Client’s Obligations

  • The client shall explain clearly what service they require to be carried out in their absence.
  • The Client agrees that all information provided by themselves is true to the best of their information, knowledge and belief.
  • The client will be responsible for any medical expenses and damages resulting from any injury to Birmingham K9 Company by the pet.
  • The client authorises Birmingham K9 Company to arrange any emergency veterinary care that may be necessary if it is needed.
  • The client agrees to reimburse Birmingham K9 Company for any additional fees when seeking emergency veterinary care.
  • Birmingham K9 Company shall use its best efforts to use the pet’s normal Veterinary Surgeon where ever possible. The Client authorises Birmingham K9 Company to appoint an alternative Veterinary Surgeon to examine the pet and carry out such treatment or surgery as may be appropriate if the pet’s normal Veterinary Surgeon is not available.
  • The Client shall ensure that Birmingham K9 Company has access to the Client’s home or other specified location at the times to be agreed between Birmingham K9 Company and the Client.

Fees and Payment

  • Birmingham K9 Company will charge the Client for the Services as quoted person and the Client agrees to pay Birmingham K9 Company the Fees before the service is carried out.


  • Birmingham K9 Company Insurance currently is Pet Business Insurance and it covers them for public liability insurance and if any problems were to arise from the service provided.

Indemnity and liability

  • The Client shall accept full liability and responsibility for any event occurring or arising from the behaviour or characteristics of their pet.
  • The Client will indemnify Birmingham K9 Company against any damage or injury caused by the pet towards any property, person or other animal, this will include, but is not limited to veterinary, medical and legal fees.
  • Birmingham K9 Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the Client’s property or possessions or that of others caused by the Client’s pet during the period the pet is in its care. The Client agrees to indemnify Birmingham K9 Company against any such claims as may be made against it arising out of or in connection with this Clause.
  • Birmingham K9 Company accepts no responsibility or liability for the security of the Client’s property or premises, or any loss or damage which may be sustained as the result of action taken by third parties who also have access to the Client’s property or premises either before, during or after expiry of this Agreement.
  • Birmingham K9 Company shall not be liable for the injury, loss, death or any actions, fines or penalties as may be imposed on pets permitted unsupervised access to the outdoors.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or exclude Birmingham K9 Company’s liability for death or personal injury.

Aggressive or unsocial animals

  •  Should any pet become aggressive or dangerous, Birmingham K9 Company shall use their discretion and take any action considered necessary in the best interest of all parties.


  • Birmingham K9 Company will carry out any tasks instructed to by the client.

Data Protection Act

  • Birmingham K9 Company will not use or pass to a third party (other than information needed by a carer to perform their duties). All information relating to the client, their property and pet(s) will be stored in accordance with the data Protection Act 1998.

Entire Agreement

  • The client agrees to all the points above in the terms and conditions and Birmingham K9 assumes the client is happy with the terms and conditions unless the client says otherwise.