About Me

I’ve always been interested in animals and when I was younger I had hamsters, rabbits, fish and then at the age of 14 my family inherited a little Jack Russell terrier called Jess. Check out Jess’ life on Instagram: www.instagram.com/jess_jrt

Jess was a rescue dog that my granddad had only recent adopted and we inherited after he passed away. The responsibility of Jess went onto my shoulders. Within the first two years Jess got attacked by two aggressive dogs and Jess also got struck by a cyclist. So I was now dealing with a dog who was dog aggressive and scared of bikes.

I dreaded walks more than enjoyed them but I done a fair bit of research and as time has gone on I was training her to be a better dog and for myself to be a better owner. Now I have a dog who is interacting well with other dogs (most of the time) and now I look forward to walks in the park. Training a dog takes a lot of patience, dedication and consistency from everyone that is involved with that dog. Training needs to be a fun activity for both you and your dog!

Looking after and improving Jess’ behaviour didn’t go unnoticed and family members were asking me to walk or just pop in and see their dog whilst they were away or unavailable. Once I finished school I didn’t think straight away to go into the canine profession and walked into an office job. However in 2013 I decided that I wanted to work outdoors and work with dogs

So last year I brought an ex-police dog unit that is air conditioned and fully equipped to carry 2 large dogs or 4 small dogs. I have been reading up on different types of dog training, dog health; well basically anything to do with dogs. I am fully insured, CRB checked and everyday I am learning on how to improve the experience for the dogs in my company.

That’s my journey so far!